Job students

Are you interested in working at TVH next summer? Such as every summer vacation, we also need job students this year
Do you feel like gaining experience in a dynamic and exciting work environment? Do not hesitate and run for candidate, you will be able to subscribe as of february.


TVH happily welcomes trainees! Each year there are educational internships in various departments for technical functions or functions in HR, marketing, sales, IT ...Each school year approximately 50 students do their internship in one of our departments. A number of these trainees even start as new colleagues at TVH later!
If you are interested in a trainee post or project apply through the button below.

Project of 4 TVH trainees receives nomination for the Innovation Awards 2012

Jeffrey Pollet, Joris Tijtgat (electromechanics), Tom Lavent (electronics) and Bert Delaere (ICT) created a test configuration for all types of hydraulic pumps. Both students electromechanics were responsible for the design of the testing facility and the mechanical realisation. The students electronics and ICT were responsible for the programming of the controller and for the design of the interface. In the meantime, Joris and Jeffrey are both employed full-time at TVH.

School visits

Are you a teacher or student, and do you want to pay a visit to TVH with your class?
We compose a guided tour through the company, adapted to your branch of studies. This will introduce you to the functioning of an international company, with an emphasis on the department you are interested in.
If you are interested, please contact Tamara Naert:
T +32 56 43 42 20