Humans of TVH is our site dedicated to telling the stories of our amazing employees from all locations across the Americas, that work to make our company such a great place to work. This site features series such as Working at TVH, Traveling, Family, Growing Up, Hobbies, and Living Abroad. In each of these series, employees open up about their experiences in the industry, personal triumphs, and more.


TVH is worldwide leading supplier of quality replacement parts, safety equipment, and accessories for the material handling and industrial equipment industries. Our mission is to develop highly enthusiastic customer relationships, provide a true One-Stop-Shop experience, and always strive for operational excellence through never-ending measured improvements and innovative business practices. We are dedicated to fostering a challenging and rewarding work environment for our employees which encourages teamwork, growth and development, creativity and initiative.


With 16 locations throughout the Americas, it’s important to stay connected as one company. That is why we created the We Are One program. This program encourages and promotes TVH’s five core company values of  Pursue Excellence, Act with Joy, Ramin Open (minded), Take Initiative, and Show Courage. Each value celebrates the strength that TVH demonstrates when we all come together and work as one. Every month, We Are One provides a wide range of events and activities for all employees to enjoy. These events focus on TVH working together, supporting each other and being the key to one another’s success as an employee, a team, and a company.